Pleasureville Baptist Church in Pleasureville, Ky., is seeking a pastor

The Senior Pastor Search Committee of Pleasureville Baptist church issued a survey to our congregation regarding the qualities desired for our incoming pastor.  It revealed a considerable degree of agreement for our committee to consider as we move forward in our search. 

The single most important characteristic our church family desires in its pastor is a man of God who can effectively proclaim the Word.  He should have a deep, personal relationship with our God, and love for his Word, which should be the sole authority for his life and preaching.  

Our pastor should be a ‘people person’ who cares for all ages in the congregation from children to senior adults and can relate to and build relationships, especially with youth.

Leadership skills are desired in our pastor as well an understanding of God’s vision for our church and wisdom in leading us to progress towards that vision.

With Pleasureville being a small town, we desire that our new pastor should be recognized in the community and involved in local functions and events.  His demeanor and conduct should reveal him to be a man of God.  His devotion and enthusiasm for soul winning should be apparent in all situations.

We do not expect that he will be able to walk on water, but that his thirst for the Lord and his service will be a constant in his life. 

Please submit a resume & cover letter by email to no later than April 9th, 2021.

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